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Waiting time

As soon as you contact us, an intake is possible within 4 weeks.

After a mutually agreed treatment plan, the treatment can start within 8-10 weeks.

From 1 February 2019 an intake is possible within 1 week and the treatment can start within 2 weeks. This, because of the decision to conduct full-time practice.


Rates 2024

From 2022, the care performance model is used within the GGZ. More information on this model can be found here.

The rates are set each year by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). The practice has no contracts with health insurers. More information and explanations on this can be found at

In practical terms, this means that you pay the invoice yourself to the practitioner and then submit it to the health insurer.

The session rate (45 minutes) is set by the NZA at EUR 156.72. This rate includes reporting and preparation in the interest of the session and your file. The duration of a consultation determines the rate. Usually 45 minutes but sometimes longer in the case of diagnostics. The diagnosis rate (including intake) is set by the NZA at EUR 183.07( for 45 minutes). The practice assumes the time planned for you in the agenda. Even if in reality the consultation lasted slightly longer or shorter. For more than 15 minutes deviation from the agenda planning, the consultation will be adjusted. Time for peer consultations or reporting to third parties will also be charged.


The reimbursement you receive depends on which health insurer you have chosen. If you have a (pure) restitution policy, your insurer will reimburse the market rate in full. With an in-kind policy, you will receive an amount varying between approximately 65-90% back from your insurer. When in doubt, it is advisable to contact your insurer to ask your questions about reimbursements. This is to avoid facing unpleasant financial consequences afterwards.

To be eligible for reimbursement by your health insurer, you need a referral from your GP and a DSM-V diagnosis that qualifies for reimbursement. Some health insurers require prior approval for starting treatment with an uncontracted healthcare provider.


You can also choose to pay the entire cost of your treatment yourself. You are then assured of maximum freedom of choice, discretion and anonymity. If you choose to pay yourself, you will be charged the same rate as the maximum rate set by the NZA. Even then, a consultation usually lasts 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for preparation and reporting. No GP referral is needed in this case.

Cancelling an appointment/ no-show

Sometimes an appointment cannot take place. Up to 24h before the appointment, you can cancel free of charge. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged. This also applies to force majeure. The bill is EUR 75 and cannot be submitted to health insurance.


If you have complaints about your treatment, I would appreciate that you discuss this with me in the first instance. If you are still left with an unsatisfied feeling, then you can contact the complaints committee of my professional association LVVP. The link to this site is: