According to the GGZ knowledge center (Trimbos institute), about 10% of the population suffer from any kind of anxiety disorder and no less than 19% have suffered from this in their lifetime. Complaints can vary from panic attacks to phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders and are usually accompanied by a multitude of physical complaints for which no direct medical cause is found.

The prognosis for treatment is favorable. More than 70-75% is free of complaints after a short intensive psychotherapy, whether or not in combination with antidepressants. Although the first symptoms usually become visible around puberty, it is not uncommon that signs that started in early were visible. It is assumed that in many cases a constitutional vulnerability is at the root of it. Often, there is also an underlying trauma that disrupts the ability to feel, want and determine your own course. Without you knowing about it. Usually there is an inner prohibition on knowing, speaking and feeling. And there are no words to be able to tell and speak. What then remains is fear without reason. At least no reason that you know consciously.

In my psychoanalytic treatment, attention is paid especially to this. To understand and to find words for all those unclear fears that never could and should have been spoken before. What initiates a sometimes painful self-questioning and discovery process that does not immediately lead to relief.